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July 14, 2009

[ blog logistics and crust ]

[photo] Lou Malnati's "The Lou" with sausage, of course / Gino's East small, patty style sausage pizza /
Giordano's stuffed pizza

I said I hesitated starting a blog for so long for many reasons. I just butt head on with one of them. I'm a perfectionist.
On 7/2 when I started this and tested out a couple different posts, I wasn't thrilled with the lack-of-bells-and-whistles site, but was definitely satisfied. Aware that with my lack of HTML skills and use of such a templated/restricting host, I would make do.
Well, I felt very accomplished and ready to "be a blogger" after my first posts until I checked my site at home and all my photos--those of which I spent hours perfecting layout and strategic spacing--were all OUT OF WHACK. Welcome to web design.
I considered giving up the whole blog thing, but here I am. It may not be the most eye-catching format, but I'm going forth...with single, center aligned photos. *cringe* I'll be ok. Please still enjoy.

Back to the important stuff. Went to Chicago last weekend. More to come, but for now, here's how I rate the top Chicago-Style Pizzerias (of course, based on first hand experience!):

[uno] Lou Malnati's -- Usually a long wait but worth it for the (optional) buttery crust, homemade sausage, perfect balance of cheese, sauce, and crust, fabulous fresh tomatoes. Most affordable AND I carried 5 frozen ones home on the plane. [http://loumalnatis.com/]

[dos] Gino's East -- At a VERY close second. I'd say sometimes #1 depending on type of crust you're craving that day coz they have a much thicker crust, especially on the bottom that just hits the spot. Unique patty style sausage option as well. [http://ginoseast.com/]

[tres] Giordano's -- Stuffed pizza style. Fanastic compared to any remotely close to 'Chicago-Style' pizza I've had in Colorado but definitely my least favorite out of the three here. Pricest, too. [http://www.giordanos.com/]

[quattro] Uno's -- Waiting to try their pizza back home. It's a chain (auto-down grade in Jenny's book) so why waste precious Chicago time for that? [http://www.unos.com/]

Hmmm...just realized my last post was about pizza, too. Honestly, I'm not THAT big of a pizza fan. Just coincidence.

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