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July 17, 2009

[ hommage to ica chairman ]

[photo] Screenshot from video clip below.

I've always joked with my brother about that 'chairman' character on Food Network's Iron Chef America. Who is he? Why do they even have that comical intro? Not that I'm saying he doesn't belong, coz he is HILARIOUS!
My interest in this show goes in and out, so I definitely don't have an extensive episode repertoire to talk from nor can I fully decide on how I feel about this American take on the classic Japanese version of Iron Chef. Either way, who cares? It's just a show, and it's entertaining. I must say, of all the dramatic intros I've seen, the first six minutes of this video takes the cake. Thought I'd share.
P.S. I know this episode is from November, but I never actually watched it until now. That's for the 'old news.'

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