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July 28, 2009

[ rachel's ]

[photo] My empty vanilla chai / 2nd & 3rd images courtesey of Google search

I've wanted to rave about Rachel's yogurt for a while now. I tried it about a year or two ago when it first popped up in the grocery store--grapefruit lychee was the flavor that caught my eye. So cliche, but it was love at first bite, or spoonful, of this creamy, yet light, absolutely fresh flavor of yogurt. I don't buy yogurt often, but whenever I do...Rachel's is always my first pick. I've tried all of the flavors by now, another favorite being the vanilla chai. Honestly, the 'best yogurt' I've ever had was in Switzerland--some store brand version but must be the milk or the process or whatever, but it was some of the lightest, yet smooth and refreshing yogurt I have ever had. Rachel's is close to reminding me of that, and ironcally, when I looked up the company's history, it is based out of the UK having only debuted in the US in 2007. Ah, finally, some good yogurt.
I must admit, Wallaby's Down Under (fruit on the bottom) yogurt is a newfound favorite, too. Rachel's still takes 1st in my book, but Wallaby's is quite the treat as well. I especially love their packaging. Ingenious to capitalize on 'you eat with your eyes.' Try them both.

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  1. Have you tried Rachel's cottage cheese? I do not like cottage cheese, but I like this. Ada and I will share a container (she's the baby).