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July 29, 2009

[ pea sprouts summer salad ]

[photo] I would've liked to do a nicer presentation, but this was the 'work lunch' version

This totally came together because of the random and 'leftover' produce I had in my kitchen. I had beets from Oxford Gardens and tomatoes from the Boulder Farmer's Market (don't remember the farm). Plus, I was at the Asian market with some family on Sunday and they have huge packages of pea sprouts (and VERY inexpensive, especially compared to the boutique grocery stores I usually love).
The best part about this salad and the farmer's market goodies (which I wanted to post about) is the 'duh epiphany' I finally had. I know, I know. Being the foodie as I rave to be, I may completely love and 'support' farmer's markets, but I rarely 'financially support' the farms. I will be honest, and it is truly about budget. However, this year, I've tried to get a few things here and there--I've always picked up lunch, drinks, etc at the Boulder Farmer's Market (more to post about my love for that soon), but I rarely buy veggies. Wowie! It makes a world of difference. From the kohlrabi to fava beans to the tomatoes I got last week, the veggies are soooo pure and rich in NATURAL flavor. Again, I call it a 'duh epiphany' because I've known this. Just never made the purchase. Makes me also realize why 'farm to table' is becoming such a big 'trend' as much as it's trendy to be 'green.' That's another story. Anyway, shame more people--myself included--can't or dont't shop and eat this way more often. Do what you can. I will.

Pea Sprout Summer Salad
  • Handful of pea sprouts
  • Blanched frozen peas
  • Chilled roasted beets (roasted in the oven with salt, pepper, olive oil, basil)
  • Feta cheese
  • Raisins
  • Sprinkle of flax seeds
  • Soy nuts (I didn't put them in this time, but I would next time to add a bit more texture)
  • And of course....slices of red and yellow tomatoes
  • I didn't use any dressing as the tomato and beet juices were enough moisture for me that day, however, the next day I used a simple: olive oil, balsamic vingear, lemon juice, dash of brown mustard dressing

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  1. Oh, I agree about the superiority of farmers' market product. When we lived in NY we belonged to a CSA; once a week we'd get a box full of fresh product from Golden Earthworm Farm, and it was awesome.

    Yesterday I boiled some grocery store corn on the cob and realized I had paid a price: it was mushy, mealy and not at all sweet.