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August 12, 2009

[ choc chip banana bread ]

I'm really enjoying making breads lately. I made a zucchini one a couple weeks ago back home @ 7,900 feet and didn't really compensate for high altitude baking, so it didn't turn out perfect. On Sunday night, here @ 5,400 feet, I adapted a banana bread recepie and was very happy with it. Still a couple tweaks I may make next time but definitely good enough to bring to the office and to share here.
There are so many banana bread recepies out there. I went for this one (one reason being foodnetwork.com as a favorite site for recepie searching) and added my own adaptions.
  • No peacans (not that I'm opposed to them. Just wasn't in the mood.)
  • Added Guittard semi-sweet choc chips instead
  • That's it!

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