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August 10, 2009

[ pasta blend with yellow cherry tomatoes, haystack green chile goat cheese]

I'm not the biggest believer of 'quick' meals because it usually takes me easily more than 30 minutes to follow any 'quick and easy' recepie. However, if you know what you're doing (or pretend to know what you're doing like I like to do), you can master the art of 'under 30 minute meals.' As much as I love to cook, in the last year, I honestly have very little time (and unfortunately, energy) 90% of the time to dedicate to following, let alone creating, more extensive recepies. Thus, I've experimented much more than ever with whatever happens to be in my fridge, pantry, countertop.
Last week, I got out of yoga at 8:30p, home by 8:38ish, 20 minutes of whirlwind later, I was standing in my kitchen devouring this (surprisingly awesome) pasta dish so that I could shower, change, and meet a friend at 9:30p. Whew. Talk about a quick meal...that turned out deliciously satisfying, fresh, and left me wanting more.
  • Pappardelle's Gourmet Pasta Blend from the farmer's market included: beet, spinach, red pepper, plain, and tumeric pastas -- by the way, I LOVE this company's products

  • Saute one large shallot in olive oil with salt and pepper

  • When the pasta is almost al dente, throw in some frozen peas

  • Meanwhile, slice the yellow cherry tomatoes into halves, save all the juices

  • Put the shallots, tomatoes, and crumbled Haystack Mountain green chile goat cheese in the bottom of a bowl

  • When the pasta and peas are cooked, briefly run under cold water to cool it down a bit (so as not to completely liquefy the soft goat cheese)

  • Toss everything in a bowl and enjoy

Simple flavors. The pasta truly plays a starring role with fresh bursts of yellow cherry tomatoes (which I lovingly picked up from the Boulder Farmers Market) and the Haystack Mountain green chile goat cheese adds a light, creamy element to the bowl. Seriously. From boiling water to fork, it was 20 minutes.

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