I don't claim to create recepies, I just experiment with what I like. Whether it's out of a cookbook or adapting my own, so long as I'm in the kitchen, I'm having fun. Outside of that,
I'm adventurous and curious--some say I'm a restaurant snob (not because of price) because prefer independent or new places/cultures. From groceries to gadgets, I want to share my favorites. Call me a 'foodie,' because I'm not unique in my interests, but I find that's the best part of a community. Follow my take as I share, make, taste, & spend my way thru my non-existent willpower...

August 7, 2009

[ why did they cancel this? ]

Kitchen Confidential. One full season. That's it. It's actually really funny, entertaining, and a bit of a 'guilty pleasure' show. Stupid Fox. I bet it would be quite popular now with Bradley Cooper's fame. Or maybe if they changed the title--I don't like the title very much.
Thanks, Al. Thanks, hulu.

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